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CNC/Turret Punching

Richards Sheet Metal’s Amada 358 VIPROS King II CNC Turret Punch Press machine can accommodate projects both large and small. In fact, we have found that some operations or parts are better suited for punching rather than laser cutting.

Our punch has the following material-handling capabilities:

  • Rate of 360 hits per minute
  • Maximum sheet thickness of 10 gauge
  • Maximum hole size of 3.5 inches, in 10-gauge sheet metal
  • Fifty-eight turret stations

What is CNC/Turret Punching?

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) punching is a process utilizing hard tooling, tools made of metals, to provide high-quality cutting of shapes and profiles in sheet metal. These machines use special rams, dies and punches to create holes or indent metal. Dedicated software positions the punch and die according to a design input into the machine’s computer.

Why CNC Punch Pressing?

The CNC punch pressing process is extremely efficient in processing parts that are hole intensive, have features that can be punched and formed in a single operation, or have extruded or embossed features. It is a process well-suited for mass production, allowing for savings in both time and money. It also allows for rapid prototyping—or low-volume complex parts runs. Additionally, CNC punch pressing has some unique abilities and advantages compared to other cutting prosseses, such as flat laser cutting.

How do CNC Punching Machines Work?

A sheet of metal is sandwiched between two turrets that hold corresponding punches and dies. The punch sits above the metal, on the bottom is its associated die that both supports the metal and aids the punching process. The machine’s ram drives the punch down into the metal. This movement shears or stamps the sheet metal according to the punch and die used.

The CNC punching machine can hold multiple tools, meaning costs are reduced. The machine rotates the turrets, which hold the machine’s punches and dies in position. Our CNC punching machine can hold 58 different tools per turret.

Simple shapes such as circles, squares and hexagons can be cut from the sheet with a single punch. But more complex shapes can be cut by making many smaller, square or rounded cuts around the shape’s perimeter.

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