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CNC/Turret Punching

CNC punching is a process utilizing hard tooling and punches to provide high quality cutting of shapes and profiles and press-brake-like forming operations.  It is extremely efficient in processing parts that are hole intensive, have features that can be punched and formed in a single operation, or have extruded or embossed features.   It is a process well suited to mass production allowing for savings in both time and money.  It also allows for rapid prototyping or for low volume complex parts runs.

Our CNC Punch machine has a punch rate of 360 hits per minute.  We have found that a lot of operations or parts are still better suited for punching rather than laser cutting.

Material Capacities are:

Carbon Steel: Up to 10 GA (0.135”)

Stainless Steel: Up to 10 GA (0.135”)

Aluminum: Up to ¼”

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