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Painting and Coating Systems

Custom painting and metal coating services are part of Richard Sheet Metal’s ever-growing list of full-service capabilities. After we’ve fabricated your project, we can top it off with custom paint or coating by our qualified personnel. Simply put, we take your project from the drawing board to finished product. With more than 90 years of experience, an unwavering commitment to quality and a keen eye for detail, your new custom component will not only function and fit perfectly, but it will also look remarkable. From the mining industry to food processing and everything in-between, let us show you how we can meet your custom metal fabrication needs.

Painting and Coating Systems

Wet Coating

Our in-house wet coat booth capacity is 14 feet wide, 44 feet long and 12 feet high. Wet coating, as the name implies, refers to the application of a liquid paint or other finish. It’s a practical, fast and affordable option for most applications. The latest wet coat technology provides beautiful, consistent, corrosion-resistant finishes. And if you’re looking for a finish other than a wet coat, we have established partnerships with qualified sources.

Powder Coating

A powdered finish is applied to surfaces using electrostatic or compressed air. The powder is then heated, or “cured,” to its melting point. This forms a smooth film that dries to a durable finish, resistant to scratches, peeling, cracking, UV rays and even rust.

Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Steel is submerged in a tank of molten zinc. The zinc bonds metallurgically to steel, providing permanent protection. This is the best option for those pieces that are to be buried in soil, embedded in concrete or submerged in water.


Plating takes your product and coats it with a beautiful finish of chrome, brass, nickel, copper or even gold.


This is an electrochemical process that forms an oxide film, typically on aluminum, in an electrolyte (chemical solution). Anodizing protects the metal from corrosion and enables aluminum products to retain their appearance for longer. Additionally, anodizing is typically available in a huge variety of colors.

Screen Printing

Get your company’s logo and name on your finished product with metal screen printing. But screen printing does more than just beautify products; it can also protect the metal from corrosion and premature wear.


Unlike machine or hand sanding, sandblasting is a more efficient, effective and safer alternative that can leave a cleaner surface that’s ready to receive a fresh finish. Sandblasting can erase years of dirt, soot and rust. Pieces in need of retrofitting can really benefit from sandblasting for a fresh start.

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