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Precision Metal Fabrication Since 1928

Precision Forming

Precision metal forming is one of the most common manufacturing processes in practice today. Precision forming describes any of the various processes through which sheet metal and plate are formed into finished products. The aerospace, military, automotive, pharmaceutical, medical, electronic, food service, telecommunication, computer, material handling, and construction industries, among many others, depend upon these forming processes.

Precision forming is a specialty of Richards Sheet Metal. Richards has always had a strong and very accurate forming team with multiple brakes and skilled operators that allow for flexibility and high capacity. Seeing the need for even greater accuracy and repeatability, we have invested in offline programmable press brakes and software by Trumpf and Safan. These are extremely fast machines with high precision 6-axis back gauges which compensate for thickness variations in materials as well as spring back. All of these features allow our skilled operators to produce the highest quality precision formed parts.


precision formed metal part
Trumpf 8400 press brake

Richards took delivery of a new Trumpf 8400 series press brake in November 2018. The 420 ton capacity of this brake, combined with specialized tooling provides us with increased capacity and a variety of precision bending solutions in heavy and long plate.


Capacity up to 420 tons

Forming lengths up to 14’

Carbon steel plate up to 1” thick


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