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Tube Laser Up and Running

Posted on May 12th, 2016

Our tube laser is up at Richards Sheet Metal Works of Ogden, Utah. The installation and startup of its new TTM FL-400 3D tube laser is complete. The FL-400 3D machine is capable of cutting up to 16” round and 12” square tube down to 1.5” round and square and all structural shapes in between with thicknesses of ¾” and under. The machine is equipped to handle feed stock lengths of 45’, bundle loading capability of 10,000 lbs in 10” round and smaller in 40’ lengths and outfeed lengths up to 31’. The machine is in daily operation at Richards’ Ogden Utah location, where they remain one of the largest contract manufacturers in the US.

The decision to move forward with the procurement and installation of this equipment is consistent with Richards’ long term commitment to employee the best talent and utilize the best equipment available on the market.

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