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Precision Metal Fabrication Since 1928

Core Services

Within our market, few if any competing companies can match Richards- breadth of experience; diversity of offering, equipment, and services; caliber of workforce; craftsmanship; expertise; and overall capacity. Richards is a true one stop shop.

Located in Ogden Utah, our 90,000 square foot facility is equipped with state of the art machines and our employees are as adept with a computer as they are with a pair of tin snips. We take great pride in our innovation and ability to deliver a high quality product, made to order, for a competitive price.


metal fabrication services


Richards is equipped with Solidworks 3D and 2D CAD software, as well as a highly advanced nesting and manufacturing software that increases efficiency in both machine and material utilization.

Our resource planning and scheduling systems increate our ability to estimate, schedule, track, repeat and control our processes and costs. Utilization of real time information allows us to be more responsive to our customer’s needs.

Continuous improvement is a part of Richards’ culture. We utilize processes and methodologies such as 5S, Lean, Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM), and ISO throughout all areas of the company. No matter the pace of the marketplace or changes in industries served, Richards is committed to continually improving ourselves, our equipment, and capabilities in order to produce the best product at a cost efficient price.

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Our Core Services

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