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Tube Laser

TTM FL400 3D Tube Laser

Richards Sheet Metal is pleased to offer the services of a 3D tube laser cutting machine that is the largest of its kind west of Kansas City. It can cut up to 16-inch diameter with a 45-foot infeed length.


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Tube laser cutting machine

In Perspective

Tube Laser

Kevin Jones, VP Tube Laser group (left), Sterling Jensen, CEO (center) and Dee Roskelley, Sr. VP Technology, stand by the tube laser.

Tremendous Capabilities

Tube Laser

Richards’ new 128-foot-long tube laser can handle manually-loaded workpieces—including wide-flange beam, channel and angle—up to 45 feet long. The bundle loader can accommodate round, square and rectangular tubes up to 41 feet long.

Mixed Profiles

mixed profiles

We are capable of processing a wide variety of shapes and profiles.

Weld Bevel

weld bevel

Our tube laser greatly reduces production time from hours to minutes and minutes to seconds, which results in quicker turnaround times for our customers, and facilitates improved welding and fit-up.

Shapes and Sizes

The machine can process an extremely wide range of material, cutting tube from 1.5 inches all the way up to 16 inches in outside diameter. As long as it fits within a 16-inch circle, we can do it.

shapes and sizes


Automated Bundle Loading
Front loading up to 16-inch diameter and 94 pounds-per-foot maximum
3D head
4 mandrels
Automatic front discharge on chain

Tube length 45’0″
Tube section Round, Square, Rectangle, Oval, Channel, Wide Flange Beam, Fluted Columns
Round section size 16″ outside diameter
Square section size 12″ x 12″
Rectangular section size 14” x 8”
Tube diameter for bundle loading (max) 10″
Bundle load maximum length 40’0”

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