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Orbital Welding

Richards Sheet Metal utilizes high-quality, cutting-edge orbital welding equipment. As a result, our customers enjoy a level of productivity and quality that manual welding processes can’t match on a number of metal fabrication projects. Our orbital welding services also provide superior sanitary welding that’s required by a variety of specialized industries, including:

Orbital Welding

Precise and Seamless

Orbital welding utilizes a computerized, enclosed TIG weld head. This advanced machinery allows for a highly repeatable welding process. The benefit? A precise and nearly seamless finished weld that even the most experienced professional welders can’t replicate.

Orbital Welding

Orbital Welding


Plus, our orbital welding equipment is portable, which allows our expert team to perform this highly accurate work at our customers’ facilities. Manual TIG welding can be prone to an operator’s natural inconsistencies, such as angle of the weld gun, speed of travel and worker fatigue. On the other hand, orbital welding produces a structurally sound weld virtually every time.


This specialized welding process is typically used for tubing systems and thin pipe, which is more than often fused—rather than requiring a filler material. However, it may also be used on thicker materials when combined with a manual process and expert welder. The orbital weld head provides an inert atmosphere, surrounding and protecting the weld joint from outside atmospheric conditions.

Orbital Welding

What does the orbital welding process look like?

  • An operator clamps the tubes or pipes in place and attaches the orbital weld head to the workpiece
  • The orbital weld head rotates an electrode and electric arc around the joint
  • This automatic process creates the weld
  • The operator removes the orbital weld head and pipe clamps from the workpiece and inspects the weld joint for accuracy and consistency

Richards Sheet Metal has provided total solutions for quality metal fabrication since 1928. We have an expert team of dedicated craftsmen who understand the importance of timeliness and quality. Contact Richards Sheet Metal today to learn how to put our orbital welder and exceptional team to work for you.

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