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Flat Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a manufacturing process that eliminates the need for machining on many engineering jobs, enabling you to save money on manufacturing costs. Laser cutting presents certain advantages over plasma cutting, as this process is more precise and uses less energy when cutting steel and aluminum sheets.

The precision levels and edge quality achieved with laser cutting machines are better than traditional cutting methods, as the laser beam will not wear during the cutting process. Laser cutting technology also enables us to cut complex shapes without the need for tooling at a similar or faster speed than other cutting methods.


flat laser cutting

flat laser cutting machine


Richards Sheet Metal is on the cutting-edge of technology utilizing four of the most advanced lasers in Utah, keeping tolerances between .002″ and .010″ on stock up to ¼″ thick and .005″ to .020″ on plate up to 1.25″ thick. Our latest acquisition in laser technology is an 8000 watt Trumpf 5040 fiber laser with 4 meter x 2 meter shuttle tables. This gives us a great advantage on cutting materials thinner than ¼″ and redundant capacity for cutting thicker materials. With the recent addition of a STOPA automated material storage system, we offer our customers great turnaround times on cut parts with superior edge quality.

Material Capacities

Laser cutting Carbon Steel: .005” to 1.25”

Laser cutting Stainless Steel: .005″ to 1”

Laser cutting Aluminum: .005″ to 1”

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